The All - Inclusive Guide To Choosing Wall Panels For Your Bathroom

The All - Inclusive Guide To Choosing Wall Panels For Your Bathroom

  • Ellie Stirk

Trying to decide what style, colour, or anything to do with the interior of your home can be a difficult choice. It’s like deciding on a new car, you have to find what would be right for you and within your budget. This is why we suggest using wall panels within the home, as they are the most cost - efficient and can be used to cover up tiles.

In this guide we would like to offer assistance to choose the right wall panels for your home, mainly focusing on the bathroom. Even if your bathroom is already to your taste but you are not keen on the tiles, or if it is an outdated bathroom. We have you covered.

As with any product, there are a lot of choices and styles and colours and... well there is a lot to choose from. We want to make it simple for you. Our shower and bathroom range is made out of PVC, making it high quality and affordable to any homeowner. Choosing PVC panels brings the same benefits as more premium products, however, is excellent for people with a smaller budget.

PVC panels tend to be lighter due to the fact the core of the panel is not a solid mass and has air gaps. Still making it a solid material to use but easier to install for the people who wish to do it yourself.

An example of this in a shower space is our Lave Concrete as picture below. With its stylish design, this grey panel with a brushed silver effect stone look pattern will give your room a bright and fresh new look. Turning an affordable solution into a premium bathroom.

As all our wall panels are waterproof and easy to clean, this would be perfect in your fresh modern bathroom or either in your kitchen or utility room.

Which Surfaces Can Wall Panelling Be Put On?

You may ask yourself, can I put wall panels on this material or can I cover up the old - fashioned tiles that you hate but secretly love at the same time. The answer is most likely going to be yes, you can.

Wall panels are great if you have uneven surfaces, or if you have cracks in the walls and since you like to do it yourself you covered up those cracks and maybe painted over them which do not look the same as they originally did. So now you are deciding to cover up the wall with an excellent and more reliable product.

Choosing The Right Colour Or Pattern For You And Your Bathroom

Now in my eyes, this is the tricky part. Deciding on the colour or pattern. As with any product out there, you have to choose a colour. I could sit here and list all of our ranges, but that's why they are on our website.

Also, we do offer up to five samples to be sent to you free of charge, all you have to do is visit our website - - panels and view the product and simply add the sample to the basket.

I would also like to help by listing a few of my favourite panels which would fit beautifully in your bathroom.


With its grey stone shades, light texture and realistic grout line, these heavy - duty panels add a great contemporary feel to your room. A grey tile look would fit nicely in any bathroom, allowing the interior to stand out.


With its white stone look panel, contrasting grey realistic grout line and light texture. A clean look to allow your bathroom to stay modern for many years to come.


These designer - look wall panels have a high - definition wood effect print giving your room a decorative feel. Perfect if you prefer to have a relaxing warm bath, making it a cosy modern feel.

So Are The Advantages of Choosing Wall Panels Better Than Tiles?

● As with any homeowner in this day and age, we do like to save money. This is one of my favourite pros of choosing wall panels over tiles. You get the quality but it stays within your budget, and you can save some more if you are talented enough to have the DIY gift.

● Bringing onto how easy it is for you to install yourself, lightweight and easy to cut with a saw or jigsaw. You can do it yourself and have the incredible feeling of telling all of your friends and family, you put the wall panels up yourself.

● Due to the high quality of the product, they will not discolour over time, making a 5 - year - old wall panelled wall look as good as it did when it was installed

● You can fit them over most walls such as tiles, unperfected walls or painted walls

● Affordable to buy, cheap to install. As mentioned you can do it yourself, with the right guides and some knowledge of what tools to use. You can stay within your budget by not paying per hour for a tradesman.

Fitting Bathroom Accessories to the Wall Panels

These panels are frequently used for your bath or shower space, where it will usually get wet.

However, the answer is yes. You can fit shower heads and storage to them using screws etc. Lighter accessories are perfect for attaching to your newly done - up bathroom. Anything heavier in weight such as shower seats or hand railings should be supported by a load - bearing wall.

As you are here for us to help you choose if wall panels would be right for you, we like to offer some more support by allowing you to purchase the wall panels and a shower wall kit. This is very helpful for our customers who have less experience.

For example, I have chosen our beautiful Two Sided Shower Wall Kit - Grey Marble.

The kit includes:

● Two Grey Marble 1m Shower Wall Panels

● One Internal Corner Silver 10mm

● Three End Caps Silver 10mm

● Two White Cladseal Trims 1.85m

● Four Pink Grip Solvent Free Adhesive Tubes

● One Forever White Silicone.

The kit includes all items listed above. Everything you need in one listing and other colours are available on our website using the following link - - wall - panel - kits

Whichever design you do go for, These heavy - duty bathroom wall panels are ideal for use in shower enclosures and bath areas and with easy installation, these are sure to add a fresh new look to your bathroom.

For more information on our range of wall panels, contact our sales team today on 0191 389 6636 and let us help you find the perfect bathroom for you.


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