Unconventional Ideas For Your Home

Unconventional Ideas For Your Home

  • Ellie Stirk

The popularity of interior wall panelling is rising quickly. Waterproof wall panels are ideal when considering bathroom remodelling ideas because they are so simple to install and maintain. Because there are so many fashionable patterns available for decorative pvc panels, they are also growing in popularity when it comes to kitchen décor trends. But enough with the common use for wall panels! If you consider yourself a creative design maverick, you'll undoubtedly be fascinated to learn about some of the far more outlandish applications for decorative wall panels. Here are some different, distinctive wall panelling ideas that you may use as motivation for your own special, one-of-a-kind house renovation.


Consider using wall panelling to turn the entire wall behind your bed into one enormous accent headboard instead of using a standard headboard. You may create the appearance of a large, contemporary, and elegant headboard for your bed by utilising imitation wood panels or brick effect panelling and extending them all the way to the ceiling, as opposed to just using them as a feature wall. To make the ornamental wall board region stand out even more, paint the remaining portions of the room a contrasting colour.


Have you ever thought about adding ornamental internal wall panelling to a modern or open bookcase? This combination is eccentric yet elegant, whether you think of it as accessorising your bookcase with wall panels or your panelled wall with a bookcase. Catching a glimpse of a panelled wall through the bookcase shelves is just so charming!


Although using wall panels in other rooms of the house is still rather unusual, doing so in bathrooms and kitchens is a quickly expanding trend. Wall panelling is so simple to install that it would be ideal for remodelling the entrance hall. How about a faux brick feature wall for your staircase if you're seeking interior design ideas for stairs?

Walls and Ceilings

We have a wonderful selection of exquisite ceiling panels if you prefer to stick with a more conventional black or white design, but wall or floor panelling will also work. Try ceiling panelling made from wood floors for a cosy, quiet atmosphere in a bedroom, or even marble panels for an elegant bathroom ceiling design!

Try a different style

We frequently assume that wall panelling should be installed vertically when adding it to a space. It may come as a surprise to you to learn that installing your wall panelling design in a different direction can look really wonderful! To create a modern geometric wall design, try adding panel boards horizontally or even in other directions.


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