What Exactly Are Bathroom Wall Panels And Where Can They Be Used?

What Exactly Are Bathroom Wall Panels And Where Can They Be Used?

  • Adam Wilson

If you are renovating your bathroom space, then it’s important to choose the right materials. This article explains what bathroom wall panels are and where they can be used.

Bathroom wall panels have become a popular choice lately for people redesigning and remodelling their bathrooms. There are a few reasons for this. First, many people now view tiles as being dull and outdated. As such, bathroom wall panels can be a great, modern alternative that is guaranteed to ensure your bathroom will look fantastic.

Bathroom wall panels are also easy to install. With some renovation choices, you will need to hire an expert to ensure that it looks great. Bathroom wall panels can be added to your bathroom as a DIY job. You won’t have to worry about calling in a pro to complete the work for you.

They are also incredibly easy to maintain. You might have grown tired of looking at mold marks on your bathroom tiles. You won’t have this issue with bathroom wall panels because they are 100% waterproof. As well as this, mold can be cleaned off the material with a little warm water in just a few minutes.

What Are Bathroom Wall Panels?

Bathroom wall panels are larger panels and are often considered as a modern alternative to tiles. A key point to remember is that they are made from uPVC and as such are completely waterproof as well as durable. Indeed, it is this material that means you won’t have to worry about issues with high levels of maintenance. These panels can be cleaned in minutes.

The panels even provide heat insulation for your home, due to their unique design and the way that they are made. The wall panels can be cut and shaped to fit into any area of your bathroom or another space in your home. As such, they can be completely versatile.

Bathroom wall panels are considered to be better than tile for several reasons. First, tiles need to be added individually which is time-consuming and difficult. They also need grout in between which makes the bathroom look dated. Wall panels are better because they are usually fitted from the floor to the ceiling. As such, you don’t have to worry about using grout and they provide a more seamless aesthetic in the bathroom.

This also means that they are less expensive per square meter.

Where Can Bathroom Wall Panels Be Used?

As the name suggests, bathroom wall panels can be used in your bathroom. You can completely cover the walls of your bathroom with wall panels. Or, you can just use them in the shower. They have become a popular choice for wet rooms as well. Again, this is because they do provide a contemporary design and they also are 100% waterproof. It can be a key part of any modern bathroom remodel.

As well as using these wall panels in the bathroom, they have also become a popular choice in other parts of the home as well. For instance, you can use bathroom wall panels to redesign your kitchen space or your utility room to name just a couple of areas. It’s easy to forget that just like there can be spills and watermarks around your kitchen. While they may be labeled differently panels for the kitchen are exactly the same as the wall panels that you might choose for the bathroom.

Part of the reason why bathroom wall panels are so widely used is that they are available in a wide range of different styles. As such, you’re bound to find bathroom wall panels that are going to look perfect in any bathroom, regardless of the type of design that you are aiming for.

Can They Be Used Anywhere Else?

Due to different luxury designs including brick, stone, and wood effects, bathroom wall panels can be used as part of living room feature walls, office renovations, and even loft conversions. When we said these materials were versatile, we meant it. However, you will typically find them as part of a shower design or used throughout the entire bathroom to create one seamless and complete design that looks fantastic.

If you are thinking about using bathroom wall panels as part of your home redesign, we encourage you to search through our full selection. Regardless of what design, you’re hoping to achieve, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect fit from our store.


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