Why PVC Shower Wall Panels Are More Flexible Than Traditional Tiles

Why PVC Shower Wall Panels Are More Flexible Than Traditional Tiles

  • Adam Wilson

Ceramic wall tiles have been around for a long, long time - thousands of years, in fact. There is a reason for that - they are sturdy, reliable and can cope with the fierce demands and humidity that a bathroom or shower can put on them.

However, every now and then, something new comes along that makes people question the good old tried and tested methods. Sometimes, they are a bit of a hype over nothing, focussing on the things that work but not thinking about what doesn’t work. Sometimes, however, they might just give an old choice a run for its money.

PVC shower wall panels might just be this product. Are they better than the traditional tiles that we have been using in bathrooms and showers for many years? Let’s take a look at the benefits of them so that you can make up your own mind as to whether PVC shower wall panels are more flexible than traditional tiles.

Cost of PVC shower wall panels

As with anything, the cost of both PVC shower cladding and panels can vary depending on the type and brand of wall panelling (see our PVC shower panels sales page) or tiles that you pick. The design, colour and size of the panel will have an effect on the .cost If you choose a comparable tile finish and measure the cost in terms of square metres, the PVC shower wall panels will stright away prove the better of the two choices in terms of value for money - and that is without taking the costs of tile adhesive and grouting into consideration.

Fitting of PVC shower wall panels

Tiling, if done correctly, requires a great deal of skill. Tradespeople undergo many years of training and experience to do the job well - and this experience and expertise do not come cheap.

Of course, PVC shower panels require some skill to put into place, but they are generally much easier to do than traditional tiling. A general property maintenance person can do it, or even yourself if you are pretty handy at do-it-yourself work. Because the PVC panels are much bigger than a tile, they are a lot faster to put into place, so if you do pay a professional to do it, the labour costs will be significantly less.

The other issue with traditional tiles is that if you want to install a shower, you need to wait for the adhesive and grout to dry out, meaning it cannot be done on the same day - and will cost you more. With PVC shower panels, you can have it installed on the same day, so your bathroom or shower room is ready to go.

Lack of mess fitting PVC shower wall panels

Traditional tiling of a wall is a messy process. First of all, the surface has to be prepared. Then, tile adhesive needs to be applied for the tiles to be bedded on to, and then once dry, the tiles need to be grouted. Even for the most experienced of tilers or handymen, this can get messy. There is none of this with PVC shower wall panels. All you need is a silicone gun tube of panel adhesive to stick the panels to the wall. It is straightforward and almost wholly mess-free.

Ease of changing PVC shower wall panels

If you fancy giving your bathroom or shower room a bit of a makeover, removing and replacing the existing tiles can be a tremendous job. Half of the plaster on the wall will come off with the tiles, even with the most experienced of tilers. There is no such hassle with PVC shower wall panels. As long as the tiles are stuck fast to the wall and are smooth, you can install wall panels over the top of them. If you want to take off your panels and change them for new ones, it is relatively straightforward in comparison to removing tiles. You can also use the old panel as a guide for the new one if they are going in the same place.

No discolouration of PVC shower wall panels

When first installed, tiles look great, but after a while, they become to look dingy and dirty. The white grouting is first to go; turning orange or pink in the shower. It can be cleaned, sure, but takes a significant amount of effort and time. PVC shower wall panels do not need this - a quick wipe over and they are as good as new, with no discolouration.

PVC shower wall panels are rapidly increasing in popularity, and it is not difficult to see why. While traditional tiles certainly have their place in the British bathroom, the shower panel is becoming a viable, cheaper and more flexible alternative.


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