The Battle of Showers: The advantages and disadvantages of shower panels and custom-made showers.

The Battle of Showers: The advantages and disadvantages of shower panels and custom-made showers.

  • Adam Wilson

The Battle of Showers: The advantages and disadvantages of shower panels and custom-made showers.

The battle of the century begins. Well, maybe not a battle of the century, and there will certainly be no casualties, but it will be a real fight. There are two worthy opponents in each corner. The magnificent shower panels and opulent shower systems. Who will emerge victorious? Is it possible that the game will end in a tie? We'll see what blows they deliver to each other in a minute. Let's not wait any longer as the tension builds.

Round 1: Space.

– Shower panels are suitable for shower stalls of various sizes. They are a durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant wall covering that is put over your conventional shower batteries. They may be installed in small, medium, or large shower cubicles. There's no need to completely redo the bathroom. It is compact in size.

– Shower systems take up a lot of room. They are made up of showerheads, sprinklers, a variety of water outputs. They work great preferably in a specifically built bathroom with a designated area for them. They should be provided ample of room because they are big and have numerous nozzles and jets.

– So it appears that the shower panels have won this round, but wait... they're not that little either. Because such a panel is not the same size as our normal shower faucet, it will not fit into a tiny shower. As a result, we announce a 1: 1 draw.

Round 2: Installation.

– Shower panels are really easy and quick to install; you simply utilize your existing pipes and don't need to add anything; it's so uncomplicated.

– Shower systems need a lot more effort. We need to acquire the new pipe system since they have a lot of drawbars and areas where water gushes out. The fact is that you will need to completely renovate the bathroom, including breaking the walls.

– We obviously have a winner here, and we're giving shower panels a 2: 1 advantage.

Round 3: Convenience of use.

– Shower panels are nothing more than a single panel through which water flows. Although certain models have extra swivel heads so that the spray is at a varied angle, it will always fly from one side.

– Shower systems will provide a lot of versatility. Water pours down from every conceivable angle, from every conceivable wall, and from every conceivable ceiling. It's unquestionably a superior experience. Another advantage is that all of your requirements will be addressed. You won't have to squat down in the shower if you're a tall person.

– So the shower system wins, with two points: one for showering from any angle and second for customizing it to the user's preferences. At the completion of round 3, the shower system has a score of 3: 2.

Round 4: Cost.

– Shower panels are unquestionably less expensive. We also don't have any unexpected or hidden charges during installation.

– Shower systems may be bought for a comparable price, but then there are all these hidden costs. You'll have to modify the pipes, and the installation will need hiring an expert, which will cost extra, as well as tearing down the walls and replacing wall panels or tiles.

– Shower panels have a clear victory in round 4, thus the score is 3: 3.

Round 5: Home SPA.

– Shower panels are unquestionably superior than a traditional shower faucet. It will be a practical solution that will provide us with a great deal of enjoyment and relaxation.

– Shower systems, on the other hand, will reign supreme if we wish to create our own home SPA and experience luxury. Without a doubt, this is the fact.

– As a result, round 5 has just one winner and concludes 4: 3 in favor of shower systems.

Round 6: Water consumption.

– Our conventional shower uses the same amount of water as the shower panels. You won't use any more water. Your costs will not rise, and you will continue to be more environmentally conscious.

– Shower systems will use significantly more water. As we might imagine, adding additional faucets

and pipelines will not result in using less water. Furthermore, having our own home Spa will cause us to take considerably longer showers, which will not be less expensive or environmentally beneficial.

– Round 6 is a resounding victory for the shower panels, resulting in a 4:4 tie.

Our struggle comes to a close with this draw. The fact is that each person must determine which shower option is the best option for them.

Shower panels will almost certainly be less costly, easier to install, and use less water than shower systems. Smaller bathrooms and rapid renovations benefit from this design. It enhances our showering experience to the greatest extent feasible. However, it does not have the same impact as custom-made showers.

Shower systems will transform into a true home spa. It'll be ideal for when we're building a new home and need to design a bathroom just for us, or when we're conducting a complete remodel. It also boosts the property's value. They will, however, be difficult to install, and we will use more water as a result.

But it is up to us to make the final decision.


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