Why Black Sparkle Panels Can Be Used In More Than Just The Bathroom

Why Black Sparkle Panels Can Be Used In More Than Just The Bathroom

  • Adam Wilson

We have a massive collection of beautiful wall panels in a plethora of designs. One of our most popular products is the black sparkle shower panel. This features a black background with white pieces that sparkle and shine like stars in the night’s sky! It’s truly gorgeous and looks amazing in your shower, adding some extra relaxation and peace when you’re getting yourself clean.

However, the true beauty of our black sparkle panels is how diverse they are. While traditionally used as shower panels, they serve lots of uses throughout your home as well. In fact, let’s take a tour of your house to see just how versatile these stunning wall panels are!

The perfect backdrop for a kid’s bedroom

The sparkly nature of these panels makes them really effective in your kid’s room. It creates the illusion of the night’s sky, which can actually help them relax and get to sleep. Think of it like one of those projector lights that shine the solar system onto the walls, only the panels are permanent and much better looking! They’re durable and easy to clean as well, which is excellent to know when you have kids. No matter how clumsy or reckless they are, you can wipe the panels clean and avoid stains.

A twilight theme in the bathroom

Now, the black sparkle panels are usually seen in the shower, so it’s only natural to add them to the entire bathroom. This will create a lovely twilight theme that transforms the way your bathroom looks. We think they go well with ceramic baths, sinks, and other bathroom furnishings. The juxtaposition of the black tiles and white bathroom works well together. Plus, if you lay down for a soak in the bath, the tiles really help you relax and let all your troubles melt away.

Excellent addition to your bedroom

As well as looking good in kid’s rooms, these wall panels work well in your bedroom as well. One thing we’ve not really mentioned is you don’t need to install them all around the room. You can easily have one of your walls fitted with the black sparkle panels, then the others with a different design. We think this looks beautiful in a master bedroom if you put the black panel behind the bed. Again, you have the twilight and night time connotations, but the panels stand out against the other three walls. If you have quite a plain bedroom and want to add a touch of sparkle to it, this can be a fantastic idea.

A sparkly kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are usually tiles placed where the wall meets the kitchen counter. As the name suggests, it helps to collect splashes of water from your sink - along with other splashes while you’re cooking. Our black sparkle panels are perfect to use as a kitchen backsplash. Again, they can be used in conjunction with other wall panels to create a stunning overall design. The reason they’re so effective in this role is down to the waterproofness of the panels. With a tongue and groove system, these panels fit together with no gaps and no grout. Therefore, they’re easy to clean, and you never have to worry about mould!

Dinner with the stars

Dining rooms are a rare breed in most modern houses. If you have one, you need to make the most out of it. Imagine inviting guests over for dinner, and you walk them into a dining room with black sparkle wall panels. They wouldn’t expect it, they may even stutter as they try to catch their breath. It’s a very unique idea that adds a touch of class to your dining room.

As you can see, our black sparkle wall panels are suitable all over your home. Yes, they still look stunning in your shower but open your mind to the prospect of these panels in different rooms as well. They will seriously add some sparkle to your life and create a unique design no matter which room they’re in.

One of the things we love most about these panels is that they can be the main attraction or a compliment to an existing design. If you wanted them all around the room, they’d certainly create a unique effect. Or, you can use them with some of our other wall panels as an accent that brings things together in a room.

Regardless, you can get your hands on these beautiful wall panels by checking out our online catalogue and placing an order today!


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