10 Worries You'll Never Have With Floor To Wall Marble Panels

10 Worries You'll Never Have With Floor To Wall Marble Panels

  • Adam Wilson

With PVC walls gaining a firm stance in residential and commercial properties, DIYers and contractors alike are catching on to the various benefits PVC wall cladding offers over traditional forms of wall decor, such as tiling, ceramics, wallpaper, and paint.

If you're torn between which wall decor to choose for your office space or home, here are eight worries that you'll never experience with floor to wall marble panels, to help you decide.


The epitome of style, marble is increasingly gaining a place in homes and businesses premises as a necessary interior design staple. To eradicate the concern of whether your home matches up to a showhomes potential, why not add a touch of class to any room with Marble Wall Panels. After all, the marbled design is often associated with the homes of royalty and the rich and famous.


With interior furnishings that have a luxury appeal, usually a worryingly hefty price tag accompanies it. However, with floor to wall marble, you get the look of opulence without the concern of paying an extortionate amount. Floor to wall marbled panels provides glamour and luxury at affordable prices.


You'll never concern yourself with the issue of adequate waterproof paint or appropriate tiling which can withstand constant lashings of water. With floor to marble PVC walling, you shall have a watertight and resistant solution for your wet rooms.


From high traffic areas to children wandering around your home with sticky fingerprints, it's common to concern yourself with if and how you will remove stains from the walls. But, if you use the floor to wall marble, your worry is erased, it's easy to clean and has a layer of protection to withstand knocks and bangs.


With global warming on the rise, it's natural for people to worry about the potential of increasing their carbon footprint by purchasing DIY materials that are harmful to the environment. However, with PVC marble walls, you needn't worry. They are made from lead-free composition. Meaning you can maintain a healthy pollutant-free atmosphere in your home or at your business premises.


The thought of papering a wall, or spending hours painting the bathroom to get the desired effect is concerning for people who are short on time. With easy installation, which only requires a few DIY tools, installing floor to wall PVC panels, is a stress-free and straightforward decorating solution.


Maintaining a pristine home is difficult for those with tiling in particular. The grooves and edges alone, tend to be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. As an alternative, floor to wall panels promotes better sanitation. Because its PVC material is far easier to disinfect and keep clean.


Perhaps one of DIYers least favourite parts of decorating a bathroom or kitchen is the dreaded prospect of tiling and grouting. Thankfully, you'll never have that concern with PVC walls. As mentioned above, they're quick and easy to install, and you won't have any leftover mess to tend to either.

The worries you'll never experience with PVC walls don't stop there. From providing additional insulation, to a safe and effective fire-retardant surface, and a wide range of alternative designs, naturally floor to wall PVC is a desirable choice for many.


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