All About Wood Slat Wall Panels

All About Wood Slat Wall Panels

  • Adam Wilson

Are you thinking about installing slat walls? Or do you want to know more about wood slat wall panels? Slat walls are a great interior choice to elevate the interior of your home. Sophisticated and stylish, they are very easy to install and instantly add a new dynamic to living space. You could install just slat walls or use them as a way to complement other interior elements of your room.

Slat walls come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. Below we look more into slat walls to give you an overview and show just why you should add them to your home.

What are slat walls?

Slat walls tend to be made of strips of wood put together to form a textured wall panel. They come in a variety of colors and types of wood depending on what you’re looking for. From walnut, grey oak and charcoal black to smoked oak or natural oak, there are tones to suit all types of home decor and the aesthetic of the room that you're after. Most offer a scandi or Japanese vibe, being simple yet effective, with clean smooth lines that can instantly add character and texture to a space.

Advantages of slat walls

There are a number of advantages to having slat walls installed. From having a great range of colors available to them being easy to install, below we look into the advantage of slat walls.

Different colours available

When looking at slat walls, you’ll instantly notice there are a number of colors available for you to choose from. This is ideal when designing the interior of your home as they can be used to fit around the theme you want to present. The black paneling adds a level of sophistication, whilst the natural oak is bright and can bring a feel of the outside, in.

Easy to install

Slat walls are very easy to install and you can either purchase individual slats for a bespoke project or pre-assembled panels for an easy DIY project to completely switch up the look of your home. This makes them very versatile and ideal to fit into any space in your home, no matter if it is small or large.

They are relatively affordable

Slat walls are a more affordable way to transform a space yet they look extremely premium. They are beautifully designed and are available in a host of shapes and sizes. With the finest materials being used, you can relax knowing your room is going to look great at an affordable price. Plus, they can be installed quickly, meaning you can transform the look of a room quicker than using other wall materials. The price can depend on how much it costs, so make sure you factor this in when choosing the material and wood type of your slat wall.

They inject your home with a unique style

If you want to make your home look different from the rest, our slat walls will add a unique style. Choose from the vast array of colours available and design your interiors around the slat walls. You can add accessories that match the colour of your slat walls and use it as a feature wall in your dining room, living room or your bedroom.

How they look

Slat walls are handcrafted and made using the finest of materials. This can easily be identified by the quality of the finish and will instantly add a fresh look to your home. Some of the materials they come in include walnut, natural oak, black and grey. Having these different colors and materials available helps you match the slat walls to the style you are trying to achieve.

The popularity of slat walls

Slat walls are growing hugely in popularity. You will notice more places such as hotels and homes using them to really enhance the aesthetic of a space. They marry together a premium look with affordability and timeless style. They enhance your living space and could be used as part of a feature wall or to create a whole new look for your room. Being easy to install, this allows people to change the room quicker than other materials which add to the reason they are becoming a more popular choice. Another point to make is that they are low maintenance. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and looking after your walls, slat walls are the way to go.

How they are affordable

If you are looking at one of the most affordable ways to switch up the look of a room in your house, slat walls are the best way to go. Although very affordable, this doesn’t mean they look cheap. The materials used to make slat walls are increasingly cost-effective, allowing us to offer them at a competitive price. They are handcrafted exclusively for ourselves and as experts within the industry, we pride ourselves on them.


Slat walls have many advantages to them. They are affordable, have a good insulating ability, conceal errors easily, can be installed quickly, and most importantly look great! You can transform the look of a room using the variety of colours available and upgrade your home in many ways using slat wall fittings. They will save you a lot of time, money and are just as effective as other types of walls. A slat wall will bring to life your vision and create a home that you are proud to be living in.

If you have any questions about slat walls or would like to get in touch to order some from us, please get in touch with a member of our team. Our expertly trained staff members are on hand to answer any questions you have as well as assist you with buying the right products for you. You can contact us on [insert number], alternatively, drop us an email on and we will respond as soon as possible.


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