Floors To Walls Offer The Biggest Range of Bathroom Shower Panels

Floors To Walls Offer The Biggest Range of Bathroom Shower Panels

  • Adam Wilson

At Floors To Walls, we offer an extensive range of bathroom shower panels. This post explains in more detail exactly what shower panels are and the types of shower panels that are available to buy.

What are bathroom shower panels?

Bathroom shower panels are panels typically made of a synthetic material such as PVC or acrylic. These panels are fitted onto the walls of the bathroom around the shower. On top of protecting the walls against water damage, bathroom shower panels can provide a beautiful aesthetic touch - you can buy them in a range of textures that emulate everything from stone to wood. These panels are a fresh and modern alternative to traditional tiles.

Why choose bathroom shower panels over tiles?

Tiles are the most popular wall surface choice in bathrooms. Like shower panels, they’re waterproof and fairly durable. However bathroom shower panels can have several advantages over tiles, potentially making them the better choice for your bathroom. Some of these advantages include:

  • Easy fitting: Shower panels can be a lot easier to install than tiles. Panels typically come in much larger sizes than tiles, meaning that you’ll need fewer individual panels than you will tiles. This makes them much quicker to install. You also don’t have to worry about detailed grouting work when installing shower panels - panels are applied using an adhesive and it is generally a lot less fiddly than installing tiles.
  • Easy maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, bathroom shower panels are easy to clean and easy to safeguard against damage. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing dirty grout, because there is no grout. Any mould or dirt can be easily wiped clean.
  • More affordable: It’s often much cheaper to install a shower panel on a wall than it is to cover it in tiles. Not only are the materials cheaper, but so is the installation process (installing panels oneself is much easier than installing tiles).
  • Other advantages of bathroom shower panels

    Like tiles, bathroom shower panels are waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about any water damage being inflicted to your walls. Plastic shower panels tend to offer better water resistance than laminate wood shower panels.

    Bathroom shower panels can be used to more freely customise the appearance of your bathroom. They can be made to look like stone or they can be made to look like wood. You can even buy shower panels that look like tiles (a great option if you like the look of tiles but want to take advantage of the benefits of shower panels).

    Shower panels may be made of plastic but they have eco-friendly benefits. They can provide added insulation to your walls to help reduce heat loss. They are also lead-free.

    What are some of the different types of bathroom shower panels?

    Bathroom shower panels tend to be made of one of three materials. These include laminate wood, PVC and acrylic.

    PVC and acrylic tend to offer more water resistance than laminate wood. The most popular tends to be PVC because it is one of the easiest to colour and shape - it can be practically designed to look like any other material.

    Some of the materials and textures that PVC can be used to emulate include:

    • Distressed oak
    • White marble
    • Granite
    • Concrete
    • Bronze tiles
    • And even Roman mosaic

    Your bathroom shower panels don’t even have to look like a natural material. If you want to give your bathroom a more futuristic look, you could opt for a synthetic white gloss or sparkly effect.

    Why choose Floors To Walls?

    At Floor To Walls we stock a huge range of different bathroom shower panel styles. Whether you’re looking for a rustic wood effect or a modern gloss effect, our range is certain to have a shower panel design to suit your preference.

    Not sure which style of panel you want? Why not order some of our samples? These can be a great way to see what different textures look like in person so that you can get a better idea as to whether they’re right for your bathroom.

    Our bathroom shower panels can be ordered individually or as part of kits. These kits are simple to install and include adhesives, trim and seals. We offer full instructions on how to install these panels.

    We pride ourselves in offering high quality panels at competitively low prices. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom to a high standard without ‘splashing out’, then our company is a good choice. We’re even willing to offer a price match if you find a better deal elsewhere.


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