What Exactly Are Plastic Shower Panels?

What Exactly Are Plastic Shower Panels?

  • Adam Wilson

Plastic shower panels are a popular new alternative to bathroom tiles. This guide explains exactly what they are and why you may want to consider choosing them for your bathroom.

What are they – and how do they work?

Plastic shower panels are typically made of a synthetic material such as PVC. They can be bought in 1m wide strips and can be cut and arranged to fit any interior wall you want. They are typically used in bathrooms as a waterproof surface solution in areas around a bath, shower or sink.

These panels are applied onto the wall using a strong adhesive. It’s possible to apply them directly to drywall, plaster or even on top of existing bathroom tiles.

How are plastic shower panels different to tiles?

Tiles are the most traditional choice when installing a waterproof bathroom surface. They are different to plastic shower panels - for one, tiles are typically made of ceramic or porcelain. Tiles are also applied using a grouting mixture (made from water, sand and cement), while the adhesive used to apply plastic panels tends to be more of a glue (either made from polyurethane or silicone).

Tiles are much smaller than panels. As a result, you tend to need more individual tiles to cover an area than you do panels. Tiling a wall can take longer as a result. Making sure each tile is evenly spaced and making sure the grouting is neat can also require a lot more precision than installing panels.

Both tiles and panels need to be kept clean. On the whole, plastic shower panels can be easier to keep clean than tiles - this is because tiles contain grouting, which can attract more stubborn dirt and mould.

Another key difference is the cost. Plastic shower panels typically cost less to install than tiles. This is due to requiring less work to install (most people hire a professional to install tiles, while panels are an easier DIY option) as well as the cost of the materials.

What are some of the advantages to plastic shower panels?

There are many advantages to installing plastic shower panels in your bathroom. Some of the advantages are listed below:


Plastic shower panels are 100% waterproof. This means that there is no risk of water seeping through and permeating the walls. They offer more protection from water damage than laminated wood panels or waterproof paint.


Compared to the likes of tiles, plastic shower panels are a very affordable option. If you’re renovating a bathroom on a budget, plastic shower panels could be a good solution.

Diverse styles

Plastic shower panels are available to buy in a range of diverse styles. There are designs that look like expensive stones such as granite and marble. There are designs that look like timber. There are even designs that look like tiles. This allows you to flexibly create the style of home you want.

Easy to install

When it comes to installation, plastic shower panels are very easy to apply. There’s less chance you’ll need to hire a professional to install panels than were you to opt for tiles.

Easy to maintain

Plastic shower panels can be easily scrubbed clean. You don’t have to worry about removing tough mould or dirt from grouting because no grout is necessary. Plastic panels are also very robust, so you’ll get a lot of life out of them.

Should I buy plastic shower panels?

Plastic shower panels could be a great option for your bathroom if you’re looking for a high quality finish while keeping costs low. By using plastic shower panels in your bathroom, you could give off the effect that your walls are made of granite or oak panels without having to pay the expensive prices for genuine versions of these materials. You could also spend a lot less than were you to use tiles.

If you want to save time and effort when it comes to installation and maintenance, plastic shower panels could also be a good option. They can be easily fitted oneself without much hassle. They’re also easier to clean than most other bathroom surfaces.

The diversity of styles that you can choose also makes this a very flexible option. Whether you’re looking to bring a rustic vibe to an older home or looking to bring a futuristic feel to a modern property, you can find a style that will match the tone. If you’re looking for a dynamic option, plastic shower panels could be the right choice.


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