Tile vs Panels

Tile vs Panels

  • Ellie Stirk

"Should I use shower wall panels instead of tiles in bathroom spaces?" is one of the most frequently asked questions concerning bathroom design. Fortunately, Bella Bathrooms has created a list of useful advice to assist you decide if you want shower panels or bath panels instead of tiles.

THE BENEFITS OF TILES: There is no question that adding some magnificent tiling to your bathroom will make it stand out while also giving an affluent and fashionable experience. Tiling is advantageous for a variety of reasons, the most significant of which being the creative freedom that tiles provide.

Tiling can be used to establish colour palettes, preserve a design, or give an overall dramatic impression when designing your shower wall or bathroom space. Tiling simply provides you with more creative alternatives and freedom; for example, if you want a brick or marble effect on your shower walls, tiling is the simplest way to create this look.

SHOWER WALL PANELS HAVE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS: If you're considering using panels for showers instead of tiles, these have a lot of advantages when it comes to designing your bathroom walls.

The most obvious advantage is that shower panels, rather than tiles, are less expensive, easier to install, and considerably easier to maintain. Shower wall panels also provide a faultless finish.

Shower wall panels are also watertight and significantly more hygienic than their counterparts, as they avoid all of the problems associated with grout, such as mildew and mould, that occur with tiling. As a result, choosing shower panels over tiles may save you time and money when it comes to shower wall maintenance.


Shower wall panel advantages:

  • It is possible to install it over existing tiles.
  • There is no grout issue as there would be with a tile system, thus there is no requirement for de - grouting.
  • Low - cost bathroom accessories with a variety of alternatives
  • Shower wall panel installation that is cleaner and faster
  • As a shower wall panel requires less cleaning, it takes less upkeep for your bathroom walls.

Tiles have the following advantages:

  • Often provides more coverage than a shower panel.
  • More creative control over the finish of your wall surface
  • If you prefer a more subtle room design, you can have it.

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