Adding the right colour and accessories to your bathroom

Adding the right colour and accessories to your bathroom

  • Ellie Stirk

I'm going to give you some suggestions on how to incorporate the suitable and appropriate items into your bathroom. You will discover something suitable whether you have a little or a large bathroom. From greys to large mirrors, and how to arrange a little bathroom to make it appear larger.

Darker and Bold

Having a tiny bathroom does not preclude you from using dark colours! While many people choose brighter tones to generate a sense of space, darker tones can provide a sense of richness and flair regardless of room size.

To add style dimension to your bathroom, pair dark walls, such as Emerald Glade, with metallics and a huge mirror.


This is a great project for all of your inner artists to express themselves! When it comes to accent walls, the sky is literally the limit. Patterns, murals, and simple, plain colours are all great ways to add some serious wow - factor to your bathroom.


Soft grey walls in a tone like Pebble Shore provide a subtle yet classy contrast colour for white furnishings while also softening the edge of which was before glossy white ceramics like bathtubs and sinks.

Big Mirrors

Large mirrors are a wonderful design trick for not only adding practicality but also the sense of extra space and depth to your area. Mirrors are also excellent at reflecting both ambient and direct light, so a wise placement would be close to a light source to provide extra brightness to your room. Getting rid of dark nooks will also help your home feel more open and less contained.


Nothing like an old - school palette that has weathered the test of time. Black and white colour schemes are a simple yet elegant approach to bring timeless style to your bathroom. We recommend using bathroom accessories to provide a little of black contrast to your stunning white walls.

Feature lights

For anyone wishing to make a big visual statement in their bathroom, a statement light feature is a wonderful addition. This is not only a terrific way to show off your unique personal style, but it also has a clever effect: selecting an eye - catching pattern helps to make your bathroom feel larger by drawing our attention away from the walls of your area.

Hide away your furniture

Furniture that provides additional storage or flat surface space inside its own specified dimensions is referred to as "hide - away" furniture. Furniture with drawers or fold - out tables falls under this category. This is a good option for boosting storage space while concealing your furnishings. An open floor plan is vital for giving a small bathroom a larger impression of space.


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