The Benefits of using Waterproof PVC Shower Panels

The Benefits of using Waterproof PVC Shower Panels

  • Adam Wilson

It’s never easy to come out of our comfort zone, especially when we’ve become set in our ways. When we get used to a certain way of doing something we’re generally resistant to the idea of doing it a different way, even if it may be more beneficial to us. The same applies to the kinds of products we buy. Once we’re loyal to a particular product or a particular brand, new products and brand have to really put the effort in if they’re to make us change their ways.

What does all this have to do with your shower? Don’t worry we’re getting there. Picture your perfect shower. The kind that you see in adverts, bathroom supply catalogues and showrooms. Visualise all those gleaming taps and shimmering surfaces. Now, in your mind’s eye, what do you see on the walls of this perfect shower?

Tiles? Yup, thought so!

Most of us have been conditioned to assume that tiles are our only option because they’re so ubiquitous. But the times they are a-changin’! PVC wall panels and waterproof shower panels are beginning to make a big impression on a market by tiles. And when you learn just how many fantastic benefits they offer, you’ll understand why.

If you’re willing to open your mind, you may find that waterproof PVC shower panels are the perfect choice for your new shower...

They create a smooth, seamless modern look

The truth is that tiles can really show their age. While they have adorned bathroom walls for centuries, many of us have come to prefer a more modern, more seamless and more modern look that even expensive high-end shower tiles simply cannot offer. In the current bathroom climate, tiles are beginning to look increasingly outdated.

What’s more, shower tiles can show their age in another way. While they may look perfect and pristine in a showroom they can start to lose their lustre after years (or even months of heavy use). Why? Because...

Unlike tiles, PVC shower panels are completely waterproof

Ceramic tiles may look completely waterproof, but they are only as perfect as the grouting surrounding them. Over time the grout around tiles can become discoloured and blackened by mould and mildew. They can also start to deteriorate and crumble, exposing the fragile hidden underside of the bathroom tile.

Over time water can seep into the tiles and result in unsightly cracks that tarnish the look of your once perfect bathroom.

Unlike tiles, however, PVC allows you to have truly waterproof bathroom panels. Their surface is impermeable and will never be eroded by water. What’s more, PVC shower panels are designed to fit together seamlessly for a perfectly flush fit meaning that even the tiniest water droplets won’t be able to get into the space between panels.

If you’re looking for a completely waterproof shower, PVC panels really are the only way!

They’re quick and easy to install

Tiling a shower can be a lengthy and laborious process. What’s more, cutting tiles to shape so that they fit the unique contours of your shower can be an extremely frustrating process. Fortunately, shower panels can be installed in a fraction of the time using nothing more complicated than simple household tools. PVC is much more malleable than tile and far less brittle making it much easier to cut to size. In fact, you don’t even have to rip out all of your existing tiling, you can just go ahead and place it over your tiles and the seamless nature of shower panels will even cover up any irregularities that have long plagues your tiling.

They’re zero maintenance

Hands up if you’ve ever had to spend hours on your knees scrubbing at the blackened grout between your tiles to get rid of the fungus. Yup, thought so! Now, hands up if you’d much rather have been doing something, anything else.

Well, for those of you with your hands still up, there’s good news. PVC shower panels are zero maintenance never requiring more than a quick wipe to look exactly the same as they did the day they were installed. The grouting between tiles, on the other hand, is Club Med for mildew and other fungi and is extremely susceptible to staining meaning that it never stays clean for long and every time you have to clean it, it drifts away from the perfect, brilliant white look that it once had.

Because there is no grouting, there is nowhere for droplets of water to accumulate. It all just slides right off. This means that you need never have to worry about unsightly fungi taking root in your shower.

This makes for a much more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing showering experience.

They can help to create the perfect look, whatever your tastes

Needless to say, we all have a slightly different idea of what makes a beautiful bathroom. Yet, wherever your tastes may lie there’s an excellent chance that you can find the perfect PVC bathroom wall tiles or shower tiles to suit them.

PVC is an extremely versatile material and it can be rendered in any colour you can imagine and take on a variety of textures and finishes. In the same way that PVC laminate flooring can be made to replicate a number of other materials in terms of appearance and texture, so too can PVC shower panels be made to replicate favourite materials for bathroom walls including;

  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Slate
  • Wood

Take a look at our impressive selection and you’ll be sure to find something that would look right at home in your bathroom.

They can help insulate your home and reduce energy bills

It’s a little-known fact that PVC is actually a potent insulator, especially when it’s around 8mm thick as is the case with most shower and bathroom panels. What’s more the seamless quality of waterproof bathroom panels means that there are no gaps or cracks which can let heat out. This means a naturally warmer bathroom and reduced heating costs.

They’re way more affordable than most bathroom tiles

Finally, one thing that’s patently obvious when perusing our selection of shower panels is that due to their large size, they can be a far more cost effective solution than tiles. Especially when you factor in the great discounts we’re currently offering.

If you’re prepared to think twice about your love affair with tiles, you may find that waterproof PVC shower panels can bring you the bathroom you’ve always wanted at a price to suit any budget!


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